Home design predictions set to take 2017 by storm.

Whether you’re a huge home fashion buff or looking to redo your house, keeping up with home trends is a must. Now that the first month of the year is almost complete, we take a look at the home trends predicted to continue throughout the rest of 2017! From dark greens to vibrant oranges and shimmering metallic, there’s a wide range of colors and styles that homeowners should include into their home.

Color blocking

Dusky blue and white, green and orange, yellow and black – there are interesting color schemes that are predicted to continue through 2017. Along with that, there is a mix of bright and pastel colors that are coming into play. Bright accent pieces that are painted a bold color next to a muted wall, such as gray, will be a strong theme throughout the year.

Metallic accessories

While softer metals, such as copper, will be less popular, metallic is still a huge news. We’re moving more towards the radiant, stronger golds and away from the softer, muted tones. Adding such features into a home brings richness as well as instant style.

Gray walls

Painting walls gray is a huge trend today – and is set to continue through the year. Instead of a basic nude or white, more and more homeowners are opting for pastel, smoky, or dusty gray for their rooms. The coming year will see more people purchasing products with varying gray tones to add depth and texture to living spaces.

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