When choosing a home paint contractor, it can be tempting to just simply go with the cheapest offer. Or the contractor with the quickest turnaround time. Or maybe the option with the coolest logo. However, it is always a  good idea to take more consideration and time when choosing your paint guy so as to avoid future costs and messes. Although Yelp is a great place to start, its also important to go beyond ratings and ask potential contractors some more inquisitive questions. Whether you are by the ocean in Malibu, Ventura or Oxnard or in the city air in Pasadena, Beverly hills or Los Angeles there are some must-ask questions when finding the right professional painter for your home.  Here are 5 essential questions to ask in order to evaluate which contractor is best for your project.

1. What do you specialize in?

Each contractor has their own area of expertise. Some may specialize in outdoor painting and  have top grade paint specifically formulated for the outdoors. Some specialize in commercial business painting. While most contractors can probably do a pretty decent job for any project, to make sure yours gets the right treatment , its best to find someone competent in your project needs.

2. What products do you use?

As an everyday homeowner, you are probably not an expert  in paint types and often rely on a professional painter for this know how. Even if you aren’t savvy with paint products, it’s a good idea to ask your paint contractor which ones they use. If they give you a vast range of different product names and can tell you the advantages and disadvantages of each, that’s a very good sign.

3. How long will it take?

A very strong determinant for a home professional painter is how long the project will take them to start and complete. Especially if your project is on a time crunch. Some contractors book projects months in advance and may not have a convenient time slot available. Different contractors also have different size teams who work at different speeds an have different finishing times.

4. What’s included in the cost?

Never assume that an estimate that a contractor gives you includes all services and added fees. For example, some estimates might include the cost of materials, while other estimates exclude “extra” expenses, like moving furniture or prepping paint surfaces.

5. Do you have references to verify your work?

Any decent contractor should be able to supply a list of homes  that he or she has recently painted whose owners can be contacted for verification. Be skeptical if only a very little number of homeowners are available to speak with.

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