Bel Air House Painting Contractors

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Bel Air House Painting Contractors

Precision Painting are professional Bel Air house painting contractors, producing stellar results. Precision Painting is your best option for Bel Air paint contractors. We can complete any HOA painting project as well as residential painting, and Bel Air commercial painting tasks. Choose your best option for Bel Air house painters and look no further than Precision Painting as your source for HOA painters!

If your home in Bel Air is due for a spruce up, it’s important to hire the right team of professionals. At Precision Painting, we offer services that suit every homeowner. Whether the interior of the house needs updating, the exterior paint is wearing thin, or you have cabinets or decks that need a fresh coat of paint, we are your guys. As Bel Air house painting contractors, we’re well versed in taking on mammoth tasks and valuable homes and producing high-end results.

Interior & Exterior Painters in Bel Air:

  • Move all the furniture to the center of the room and cover it with plastic.
  • Cover all hardwood flooring and carpet with paper and plastic.
  • Cover all other surfaces that aren’t to be painted, such as cabinets, countertops, lights, switches, outlets, etc.
  • Sand all trim, doors, and wood surfaces.
  • Apply primer to raw wood surfaces. New pre-primed surfaces receive a second coat of primer.
  • Sand all of the primer once it’s dry and spray the finish coat.
  • Lightly sand all of the walls to remove debris from previous paint jobs.
  • Fix texture drywall repairs to blend with the surrounding area.
  • Prime all new materials.
  • Brush and roll the walls with paint. Sand lightly once this is dry to remove debris in the paint. Apply the second coat of paint. Some colors may take need more coats for the desired color.
  • Clean up, move furniture back, and let the homeowners enjoy!

From start to finish, we make painting projects a breeze. With expertise, satisfied clients, and a passion for painting, we are confident that we can transform your home.

When your home needs a paint job complete, don’t hesitate to contact the top-tier Bel Air house painting contractors at Precision Painting. Contact us today!