The City of Los Angeles, with its unusual variety and captivating architecture, is a visual feast. Made up of a facade of right angles, modernist homes and eccentric business structures, Los Angeles is home to several uniquely aesthetic neighborhoods. Here is our roundup of Los Angeles County’s most inspiring, colorful and beautifully painted residential cities.

Santa Monica 

The coast of Santa Monica features the famous stream of Pastel colored houses appropriately known as the “Sherbet Homes.” Cruising the beach, its difficult to not stop and be captivated by these vibrant and odd candy colored structures. Particularly notorious is the “Barbie” house; a vibrant residence decked out in bright pink that looks as though it came straight off the set of Aqua’s 1997 hit “Barbie Girl”.

Now, we are not saying that you should go ahead and  paint your own house a blindingly bright hue. But, Santa Monica’s beach houses boldly state that its OK and, even fashionable, to think outside the box and paint outside of the norm.


Located in the foothills of the Santa Monica Mountains, Brentwood is a quaint city known for its beautifully landscaped homes. From its well maintained parks and sweeping streets, Brentwood’s understated scenic polish permeates its neighborhoods. While Brentwood feels quaint and secluded, its beautiful family homes are structurally large and modern. Homes here have a tendency to be decked in Mid Century Modern colors such as oranges, airy blues and pinks.


Venturing to Pasadena, Ca is like opening up a time capsule of California living in late 19th century. The city has so conscientiously preserved its original charm and its dated residential architecture. Pasadena has become known for its Victorian themed homes that feature polygonal bay windows and half-round shingles. These towering and magnificently dated houses are decorated with hues of warm yellow, muted brown and crème whites.

Beverly Hills

The distinctive Beverly Hills residential neighborhood known as “The Flats” has become iconic representative of Los Angeles living epitomizes the California aesthetic. These attractive flatlands are riddled with runners, walkers and is located close to famous shopping street Rodeo Drive. Houses here range from large estates to modest sized residences and vary in style. North Whittier drive is home to many light colored, elegant French styled homes, while the newly built Rexford drive has a more contemporary feel.


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