From doing a light touch up to embarking on a complete color overhaul, a good interior painting job can have a huge impact on your home. Painting can be a tedious process and can take weeks to do on your own. At Precision Painting, residential painting is our specialty. Our team of professional painters provide both speed and quality to our customers. Ranked as Ventura County’s Best Residential Painting Company, we offer optimal painting services and make the process of revamping your home that much easier.

Prep Time

Our prep work for interior painting is extensive, quick and efficient. Our house painting contractors start by covering all flooring with red riosin and concealing all unpainted surfaces such as cabinets. We then check for holes or uneven surfaces and sand all trims, door and wood textures. Finally, we use top quality primer from top paint companies to create a pristine, solid surface to work from.

Our Quality Painting Services

There are plenty of paint brands and colors out there, but not all of them are fit for quality interior painting. We assist you in selecting appropriate paint brands from best interior paint companies for your home’s needs. Additionally, we help in the most difficult part of interior painting; choosing a color scheme. Our professional painters consider your personal preferences and the interior elements of your home to give your house a new look.

Why are we called the Best Residential Painting in Ventura County?

Our painting specialists utilize top shelf equipment to quickly and evenly spread paint across vast surfaces with minimal effort. With excellent speed and accuracy, we deliver consistent, quality finishes.

If you are looking to update your home interior with minimal painting costs, quality house painting service and quick turnaround times, contact Precision Painting today.



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