Between cooking and enjoying family dinners, hosting friendly get togethers, and planning Sunday night meal preps, we tend to spend a good amount of time in our kitchens. Your kitchen is one of the first rooms to make an impact on your  guests and is a usual setting for holiday feasts. Because of these reasons, it is essential to keep your kitchen cabinetry and appliances updated, stylish and appealing. Cabinetry is the crown jewel that brings your house together. To design the perfect modern kitchen it is important to incorporate contemporary shelving trends. Paint color is huge part of updating your dining area so we’ve compiled our hottest cabinet refinery color trends that we know will dominate kitchen design in 2019.

On Trend: Moody Hues 

Traditionally, neutral colors have been big favorites with tones like grey and yellow dominating dining quarters of the past. In 2019 we are likely to see an increased use of darker hues . homeowners are starting to stray away from the typical gray of the past years and into the navy palette, especially paired with gold hardware and fixtures. Becoming the new neutral, navy seems to be everywhere.  We also predict black and forest green to be popular shelving colors for fall 2019.


White Out

Taking a step away from the ordinary, we think its safe to say that white will be out this remodeling season. As designers move toward moodier and bolder hues in the kitchen, the all white everything trend will take a dive in popularity in 2019. Our prediction is supported Houzz who say that the moody-hue paint trend is likely a counter action to the white trend of recent years.

Two Tone it up

A new and upcoming  trend, some are opting to deck their dining with two colors rather than one. Whether its going for two completely different colors or sticking to the same hue with shade variation, splitting storage space is growing to be more abundant. With one color on the lower cabinets and another on the upper, your home can have more personality.

Pale Beauty

If you are wanting to stray away from the bore of neutral colors but are not quite ready to delve into drastically deeper hues, add a a bit of pale flare to your home. The boldness of dark colors can be sophisticated, but pale colors offer a soft and welcoming nature to your home.

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