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Find the colors to create the perfect mood by the expert Calabasas painter.

There are plenty of good reasons to select a particular paint color, including personal preferences and design considerations, but what’s often overlooked is the psychological power of color. Study after study has shown that certain hues create different moods, affecting behavior in turn.

As a result, it’s wise to consider what mood or emotion that you want to invoke before painting a room, object, or your entire home!

Blue and pale green create a tranquil space. These are among the most calming colors, so they’re perfect for rooms where you typically rest and relax. When painting a family room, sitting room, or bedroom, you may consider these two colors!

Beige and browns are ideal colors for rooms where you want a restful setting. Browns, as well as taupe, are more enveloping than the soft greens and blues above. They impart more warmth and coziness into any given space.

Yellow is one of the colors that are universally welcoming. Like a splash of brilliant sunshine, rooms painted yellow can lift the spirit of any wayward traveler. Yellow is one of the best colors to paint a kitchen or breakfast area, as it’s sure to brighten your outlook first thing in the morning!

Orange, tangerine, and apricot hues tend to be energizing. As a result, they are great choices for any room where you spend your morning hours.

Reds are also energizing, but they should be used sparingly. Their bold and steamy appearance can literally pick up the heartbeat. Studies show that red stimulates the appetite, so consider this for your dining room!

Now that you’ve picked the color, it’s time to choose the right hue. Take into account the tone, brightness, and even the paint you use as these all play a factor in creating a mood. Generally speaking, brighter tones will invigorate while those that are muted will help you to relax.

Whether you’re choosing the right paint colors to create the perfect mood for your children’s bedroom or your home’s exterior, the Calabasas painter can help, like the experts at Precision Painting! Contact us for all of your painting needs in Thousand Oaks, Calabasas, Ventura, and neighboring cities in California.

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