It can be overwhelming to be at a hardware store, see endless types of paint and face a daunting wall of even more types of  paint finishes, and have to decide on the best choice for your home. When painting your house, the finish you choose is just as important as the color. Different finishes have different levels of sheen that directly impact how the color looks, gets cleaned and stays preserved. Each finish type has a distinct purpose for your home and placing it on the wrong surface can cause problems. Here is our list of paint finishes that are available on the current  market and how to properly utilize them.



Often called “flat” finish, matte paint finish is  a common choice for interior walls, ceilings or other low traffic areas. Offering little shine,  matte paint  finish is popular because it lets other design elements take the focus of the room. Its lack of reflection also allows it to hide imperfections like chips and cracks in the wall. For this reason, it is particularly well suited for older homes.

On the other hand, the flat surface of matte finish makes it difficult to clean. Because it is not the most durable finish, it is least suitable for painting exterior high traffic surfaces such as doors, windows, railings or floors.




Satin is a home owner favorite due to its warm and velvety feel. It is a particularly good choice for framing elements such as doorways, trim and moldings. Satin also has a high level of durability, making it perfect for some high contact interior areas such as hallways, kitchens and bathrooms.




Eggshell finish lives up to its name by donning a sheen that is similar to the reflection seen on an eggs hard outer surface. This paint finish is perfect for busy family homes due to its easy-to-clean seal. It also has a high enough durability to power wash over and over without resulting in any peeling.  Because eggshell isn’t dull like matte finish or too shiny, it looks great on a variety of home siding types such as stucco and wood. Eggshell stands as today’s most popular exterior finish for the body of the modern home.


Glossy Finish

And finally, illuminating reflection of high gloss finish makes it the perfect pick for window, door trim or cabinets. Gloss paint will give your surface a unique plastic coating similar to that of vinyl. But, because of this unique effect, prepping the designated item or surface to be painted beforehand is mandatory otherwise imperfections such as bumps and cracks will also be highlighted.

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