Colors are a universal language that appeals to our feelings and our senses. Colors can influence the way viewers think, socialize and behave and certain color trends and choices can strongly affect the way someone feels when they enter a room. This is important to keep in mind as you make exterior paint color decisions for your business or commercial property. Doing so can allow you to make more beneficial color choices  that will influence your customers in a positive way. This in turn can generate more value and revenue for your business. Professional, but inviting shades are the way to go. Here, we have complied our list of colors and trends that are sure to dominate the commercial market in 2019.

Work Hard Play Hard

In the modern field of commercial exteriors, traditional whites and neutrals are projected to remain dominant. However, in 2019 we will see these shades paired with more daring and futuristic tones that stand out against their subdued counterparts. Bright oranges and bold yellows, such as Sherwin Williams’ popular ” Fiery Orange” make  statement  and are warm enough to make customers feel comfortable.


Hit Pause

Inspired by the calm and cooling resource of water, aqua tones and rich, healing shades have recently gained popularity in Commercial exterior paint. Colors like Sherwin Williams’ Aqua Mint and Sky Blue help visitors stay calm, collected and centered. Aqua shades help avoid making a potential customer feel uncomfortable or stressed and instead help make them feel at ease. These shades remind us to turn off the anxiety of the outside world and turn on tranquility.

New Digital Frontier

Modern color schemes of millennial inhabited, new age office spaces are often as unpredictable as the millennials themselves. Inspired by modern day technology and the ever changing world of experimental fashion, commercial buildings of today’s world are starting to resemble a digital Utopia. Bright, chartreuse colors such as Sherwin Williams’ honeydew Bungalow are distinctive and mimic our society’s transition into the digital realm.

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