How to Compare Paint Brands by Your House Painters in Newbury Park, CA

Comparing paint brands brought to you by professional house painters!

A variety of paint products can be overwhelming. With each variety of paint offering different properties that affect the outcome of a design project, understanding what’s in a can of paint is key to success – and a good looking home!

All paints generally have four main ingredients – pigments, binders, solvents (liquids), and additives. Pigments provide color and bulk, binders work to “bind” the pigment together and create the paint film, while solvents allow you to place the paint on surfaces. Additives are what give the paint particular characteristics, such as mildew resistance.

So you know your durability to your matte to your ideal for interior, here is a breakdown and comparison of paint brands. Be sure to check out these brands from Dunn-Edwards Paints:

  • ARISTOWALL: Premium Inferior Paint for an Oil-Like Finish
    This paint is ultra premium interior enamel line, idea for interior walls, molding, cabinets, doors, kitchen, baths, and high traffic areas.
  • SUPREMA: Ultra-Premium Inferior Paint for Superior Performance
    This line is complete of ultra premium, ultra-low VOC, acrylic latex paints. The exceptional hide and wash ability allows it to be perfect for any interior setting where superior performance is required!
  • EVEREST: The Best Paint
    Everest is a complete line of ultra premium, low-odor, zero VOC, self-priming, 100% acrylic paints ideal for use on high-end residential and commercial projects. The paint applies easily, has outstanding hide, superior scrub resistance, and amazing adhesion.
  • SPARTAWALL: Exceptional Durability and Versatility
    This acrylic paint is ultra-low VOC, durable, and ideal for interior use. It’s suited best for use on commercial and residential projects, such as schools, hotels, hospitals, and single family or multi-tenant housing.

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