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Here’s how to correctly match paint to surfaces!

Whether you’re painting a photo frame or your home’s exterior, you’ll likely have to paint multiple materials. Unquestionably, this is easier said than done. To correctly match paint to surfaces is a fine skill  that requires a bit of patience and lots of practice. A plastic pipe on a home’s exterior is going to take to paint much differently than the worn wood will.

A plastic pipe on a home’s exterior is going to take to paint much differently than the worn wood will. And on top of that, the sun-exposed wood will take to the paint different that the wood under the eaves will! Matching paint to surfaces to provide an even and consistent color is essential to make sure that your finished product, whether it’s a craft item or your entire home, looks stellar.

Choosing the right paint for the surface will help to ensure that you achieve a quality paint job that will last. Here are some tips to get you started:

  • Ceilings – Use specially formulated flat ceiling paint, which is easy to find in any store! The flat finish hides irregularities and lap marks, making it the perfect choice for ceilings, whatever the texture. Even though ceilings may take some time to paint, stick to it and don’t rush through.
  • Woodwork – Choose either latex, oil, or alkyd paint, while always priming the bare wood. Opt for easy-to-clean semi-gloss finishes, but when wear-and-tear is modest, flat or satin finishes are also highly recommended as the wood will take nicely to it.
  • Walls – Because it’s easy to work with, latex paint is an excellent choice for do-it-yourself projects. These types of paints can be applied over properly primed drywall, wood, or masonry.
  • Metal – Metal is a tricky one. You should use either latex or oil based paint on properly primed iron or steel, though you can apply latex directly on aluminum and galvanized metal. Don’t forget that these metals need to be properly primed if you’re using an oil-based paint.
  • Masonry – For cement, concrete block, and brick surfaces, acrylic latex wall paint designed for masonry surfaces often reaps the best result.
  • Floors – Use a product specifically designed for the floor to stand up to abrasion, heavy traffic, and plenty of scrubbing. This can come in many forms!

If you’re not quite the painter that you’d like to be, let the professionals step in to transform your home’s paint from dull to dashing! Contact Precision Painting for all of your painting services, including spot-on paint match to surfaces, in Thousand Oaks, Westlake Village, and the Ventura areas.

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