Choosing a neutral exterior paint color for your house is sort of like ordering grilled cheese at a restaurant. It’s safe, dependable and usually pretty good. But, it’s a new year and now is the time to change your grilled cheese paint job up a bit. 2019 is sure to be the year of reinvention and putting a new spin on a traditional color is sure to make your house stand out.  Here are some of our tips and projected trends in exterior paint styles that we predict will drive up the value of your home in 2019.


Don’t be Afraid of the Dark

You don’t have to be Morticia Addams to pull off a dark colored house. And let’s face it, a neighborhood of boring, beige colored houses won’t turn any heads. Combinations of bold, dark colors will be in full swing in 2019 with shades like charcoal, soot, dark blue and dark green all gaining in popularity.  Dark colors also easily adapt to many different home styles and can make a strong, dramatic statement on your street.

Stay Classy

Sticking with classic colors like white, gray or beige is usually a safe way to go, but you can still play up tradition and keep your house up with the times. Classic white shades typically have cool, blue undertones, but we think  those with warm cream hues, such as Swiss coffee and sea pearl will stand out this year. Accessorizing your light colored home with dark trim can also create a nice touch of flare. Gray is great because it is consistent,  neutral and pairs well with many textures like brick or stone. But gray can also be quite boring. Avoid having a snoozefest of a house with warmer gray’s like Benjamin Moore’s Metropolitan.

True Blue

Deviating away from the neutral color scheme, we have our next choice; Blue. Generally speaking, blue has a calming affect and is excellent for making your home feel inviting and comforting. Behr’s Blueprint is a warm blue that holds a nice balance of depth and brightness without being too overwhelming.

So there’s our list of go to 2019 paint colors. Still feeling overwhelmed? Let us work with you to find the perfect choice for your personality and home style.  We’ll help you get it right.  Contact Precision Painting for your free consultation.

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