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Exterior Painting

How Precision Painting Calabasas Painters Do It:

Sand & Wash

1.) Sand all wood around entire house and vacuum the debris.

2.) Trench the dirt around house 1”-4”.

3.) Pressure-wash the house to remove all dirt, dust and debris.

Phase #1

4.) Tape and paper your roof tiles. This allows us to pray paint under the roof tile where a brush and roller cannot get to. This is important during color changes and to assure that there is no paint on the roof tiles from the brush.

5.) Mask over the windows and other surfaces on the house that are not to be painted.

6.) Lay drop clothes over the roof, driveway, patio and other surrounding areas. Cover, trees, bushes and planter beds.

7.) Spot prime all bare wood and new materials. Prime wood that does not have a solid base to apply new paint.

8.) Apply caulking after the primer. Apply to the joints and cracks in the wood siding, fascia and trim.

9.) Apply Bondo in very small areas if necessary (wood replacement is recommended instead of Bondo and Bondo is not guaranteed to hold up as long as the paint will).

10.) Paint the eaves, fascia, trim and other wood siding. Spray to apply the paint quickly and efficiently as well as get into the corners that a brush and roller won’t reach. Then we “back roll” over the wet paint to push the paint into the hairline cracks, heavy texture and knotholes. Then a second coat is applied once the first is dried.

11.) Wire brush all failing stucco. Stucco patch as needed.

12.) Mask all eaves, fascia and trim with tape and paper, then spray stucco in four different directions for guaranteed even and consistent coverage.

13.) Remove all masking materials from the house and check for the small details or touch up where needed.

14.) Clean up and enjoy!

Phase #2

– Start remaining two sides of home

1.) Repeat step #’s 4-14

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  • Scrape
  • Sand all wood surfaces
  • Vacuum
  • Cover


  • Trench dirt 1-4″
  • Power wash to remove dirt & debris


Phase #1

  • Mask & cover all surfaces not included


  • Spot prime all bare wood & new material
  • Apply caulking to seal all joints & cracks


  • Spray
  • Back roll all wood surfaces (2 coats)


  • Spray all doors
  • Fine finish areas


  • Repair failing stucco
  • Cover & protect all painted trim
  • Doors with paper & tape


Spray stucco in 4 different directions to gaurantee even + consistent coverage.

  • Touch up
  • Clean up
  • Enjoy!


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