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Add exterior painting to your summer to-do list!

Many homeowners wonder when the best time of year is to schedule exterior painting projects. While exterior painting can be done at nearly any time during the year (under the right conditions), the warmer months are usually the best time to take care of outdoor projects – including exterior painting in summer!

While California doesn’t see much rain or snow in the fall and winter, pushing off your home’s exterior paint job is not a good idea. Battling the elements has never been our much-loved weekend plan, so be sure to check off exterior painting before the summer’s end.

Here are five reasons to schedule your exterior painting this summer:

  1. Recover quickly from winter damage – The harsh winter weather can take a toll on your home’s exterior. Water can enter materials and cause rapid damage and wood rot, causing your home to look less than ideal and to be in a fragile state. Protecting your home from the elements is a smart move to make in the summer!
  2. Exterior painting is best done before other outdoor projects – If you have landscaping or gardening work around the house, why not get the painting done first? That way, don’t have to work around new plants or keep the paint out of the fresh mulch!
  3. The temperatures are right – Mild temperatures allow house painters to work quickly and efficiently, all while ensuring that the paint film has a good formation before it gets too hot.
  4. The sunshine highlights your home – Washing away the winter mud, dust, and mildew, and getting a fresh paint job is the perfect way to get your home looking summer-ready for all of your barbeque backyard parties!
  5. Improves the curb appeal – Are you putting your home on the market this year? Tick curb appeal off your list as soon as you get a new paint job! Your home will look great and it’ll be in top condition!

Why not get started today? Skip your search for house painters near you; contact the professional and industry experts at Precision Painting. We serve the communities in Los Angeles, Thousand Oaks, Ventura, and neighboring cities in California. Contact us today to have the experts handle your exterior painting in summer.

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