Paint is the most vital tool in a homeowner’s arsenal and should be updated regularly. Repainting your interior is always a worthwhile and inexpensive expenditure. To make the task of redecorating your interior even more worthwhile, there are some details that can be added for an extra flare. Take a look at our 6 extra touches for updating your interior.


If you do not have a caulking element along the edge of your baseboard, it makes for a rewarding addition. Easy to do and inexpensive, this can make the binding between the baseboard and wall appear sharper and more decadent. Caulking is also not just beneficial for aesthetic appeal. It can also help prevent costly home repairs.

Coordinate Stains and Finishes

There are certain stains that play off others well, such as cherry wood complimenting oak, but some do not. You can achieve a dramatic and exciting look to your interior by incorporating contrasting finishes. Aim for at least three shades darker or lighter to attain a more dramatic look.

Paint the Vents

your interior repainting is an ideal time to touch up the coat on your air vents.. Metal surfaces only take a mere coat or two and can, just like caulking, really frame your room.

Paint the Ceiling

Homeowners often have the tendency to leave their ceiling a starch white when painting their interior. While White is always a good option, its not the only one! Painting the ceiling of your home is a great opportunity to add an accent to a room. Stripes and standout colors can add an extra graphic punch to a ceiling surface. stencils are a great option as well and allow you to explore your creative side.

Add Molding

There are other ways besides hanging art to break up the bareness of your walls. Consider adding molding to the baseboard or chair rail to give the lining of your home some more depth. Intricate Victorian style is popular, but simple, single-depth molding works just as well.

Replace the Light Switches

Updating the paint color in your house may emphasize the aged look of old light switches and outlets. And why limit yourself to traditional white light switches that easily get dirty with age. If you are switching up the color of your air vents and molding, it might be a good idea to follow suit with light switches.


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