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Chipping, peeling, and fading? Brush off paint worries by hiring professionals.

While California isn’t known for its harsh weather of sleeting rain and mighty winds, your home’s exterior paint job can take a hard hitting. Through wear and tear, and the beating sun, your house’s paint regularly needs TLC.

Whether you hired professionals or did the work yourself, painting the exterior is a big investment both in time and money. It’s not something you want to repeat in the near future, which is why it’s important to maintain your new paint job! To do just that, read on:

Frequently paint
Paint isn’t meant to last forever. When it comes to your exterior, the frequency of your paint job depends on a variety of things. In California, your home is exposed to the elements! Expect to repaint on a frequency of every six to ten years.

Cleaning and pressure washing
Dust storms. Wind. Sleet. Pollen. There are many things that impact the condition of your paint job. Don’t ignore your home until your next paint cycle; watch the condition of your home throughout the year. With a simple garden hose, you can spray off shutters and under the eaves after a dusty summer. Mud, debris, and salts in the air can eat at the paint, making your home look dull and weathered.

Eliminate mold and mildew
When water sits for an extended period of time, your home’s exterior can be impacted quickly if not painted properly. While the weather is warm and dry, check siding for any damage and repair right away!

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