House Painters in Newbury Park Grey Paint

Gone are the days of beige monotone rooms. House painters in Newbury Park advise gray living room walls.

Have you been to a home where the walls were beige, the floors were beige, and the sofa was yet another shade of beige? While monotone rooms can look idyllic when everything works together, beige is heading out, and gray is coming in! Grey is starting to pop up in interior design magazines and on-trend homes, and the house painters in Newbury Park say it’s with good reason.

A Superior Neutral Color

Gray offers all the neutral benefits of white or beige without some of the significant drawbacks. While white walls show every scuff and fingerprint, gray walls are forgiving. Beige interiors are able to hide wear and tear as well, but it is a classic, standard option. Grey brings a modern feel into any room and pairs well with most furnishings.

Whatever Your Mood

There really are fifty shades of gray! There are plenty of options for you to choose the right gray to suit your current living room and mood. If you’d like the space to feel spacious and welcoming, select a light gray. A dark shade will create a sophisticated retreat, while mid-tone grays appear open with daylight and turn intimate at nightfall.

A true gray paint will be nothing more than black and white mixed. However, once you bring home samples of paint, you’ll notice grays with undertones of many different colors. Pick a gray interior paint with an undertone that compliments the warm or cool colors of your living room.

Are you intrigued to see how your living room will look in the gray paint? Consider talking to the professional house painters in Newbury Park at Precision Painting. With the team’s knowledge, experience, and passion for painting, your living room will transform. Visit us today to get started!

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