House Painters in Newbury Park Smooth Paint Job

Work with house painters in Newbury Park to make a paint job go smoothly.

That’s it; you’ve taken the plunge! You’ve procrastinated painting your home long enough; you’ve finally hired professional painters to take over the large undertaking. It’s a great moment to know that this weight is lifted from your shoulders – but just wait until you see the finished product. That will be the real bonus. Hiring professional house painters in Newbury Park is a smart move for many homeowners.

To help ready your home for the team to work their magic, check out these tips.

Move the little things. If you can, remove wall art and mirrors before the painters arrive. It’s best to clear out cabinets that will need to be moved, too, so that your precious pieces stay safe. The large and bulky furniture will be moved (with care) by the painters to the center of the room and then properly covered.

Be clear. Before setting a painting date, you should always be specific with the scope of work that you want. For example, if you have a dark colored wall that needs to be repainted, make sure that the estimator is aware of this so that the extra effort is built into the job. Not only do you get the right estimate for the project, but it also helps the painters to be aware of what primer and paint to bring on the day. Again, if you have windows that are stuck and won’t open, make sure you tell the estimator this information so that the painters can equip themselves with the tools and schedule plenty of time to prep the area.

Keep furry friends away. If you have a pet, make sure you keep him or her out of the painter’s way.

Test it out. To avoid disappointment on the day, test out paint colors beforehand. Simply do a couple of real paint swatches on the wall so that you know what the finished room will look like. Compare them throughout the day as the light changes!

In return, house painters will properly move and cover the furniture, lay down plastic sheets to prevent paint spills landing on your carpet, and will tidy up and restore your room once the paint is dry! You can expect the best from the reputable house painters serving Newbury Park and surrounding cities in California – Precision Painting. Visit us today to discuss your next home painting project!

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