Household Items

These household items may not be on the top of your painting list, but they should.

We all know that a fresh coat of paint can give new life to a room. Well, a paint brush and a new hue can renew the vigor to a whole lot more than your bare walls. Painting isn’t just for washing your walls in a splash of color. Household items that are painted can quickly update, refresh, and change the entire look and feel of just about everything.

Pull the paint out for the following items:

Are you tired to death of those plain white appliances in your kitchen? More than ever, colorful appliances are back in style. Instead of purchasing a brand new teal blender and yellow fridge, paint your current appliances for a fraction of the cost! Use a self-priming epoxy appliances paint that you can either spray or brush on.

Light Fixtures
Grab a can of spray paint to update chandeliers or ceiling fixtures in the latest metal trend. Either try a new, bright color, or select a classic gold or silver. Always wipe down the surface first, then use a spray paint with a primer in it to achieve the best look.


Update your bathtub (and bathroom!) by painting your tub a bright, vibrant color. It will completely change the feel of your bathroom by creating a spa-like feel on a budget.

Thinking of painting your room a bold color? Don’t forget the ceiling. Having a deep red room with a bright white ceiling looks incomplete. However, painting a room dark blue, including the ceiling, suddenly gives the room character and creates a sense of infinity for the eye.

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