Living Room Decorating Mistakes

Avoid these common living room mistakes!

You have the accessories, the classic furniture pieces, and the color on the walls… But something is not quite right? There are a few design mistakes that commonly occur in living rooms that can throw the whole space right off.

But fear not! These mistakes are generally quick fixes – once you know that they are!

Mistake #1: Not using color.
We know, we get it. You’re going for minimalist. But without any color, your sleek, modern space can become a boring, beige blur. You don’t have to paint the whole house magenta to fix this problem! To solve, add a statement color to one wall (even peach or mint would pair well with taupe).

Mistake #2: Too much clutter.
This mistake can easily apply to any room. You want your house to look lived in, not cluttered; clean but not sterile. Before you start banging your head on the wall, opt for tasteful (or fun! Your choice) storage boxes. This clears away the junk without looking like you’re about to pack up and move.

Mistake #3: Relying exclusively on overhead lighting.
You know that yellow fluorescent glow you get in a Home Depot? That’s what your guests feel every time they’re over. The quick, easy, and simple solution is to add table and floor lamps with soft, warm bulbs!

Mistake #4: Wall-hugging furniture.
When a living room has all furniture pushed against the wall, it creates an awkward, empty space in the middle of the room. Instead, choose a focal point in the room (entertainment center, fireplace), and move all the furniture away from the walls.

Mistake #5: Hanging art too high.
You may be proud of your art pieces, but hanging them higher up on the wall won’t make more people notice them. Art should be hung so the center of the piece hits at eye level, around 60 inches from the floor.

Before you begin moving your sofa and paintings, solve mistake number 1 by overhauling your living room with a fresh coat of paint! For all of your paint services, contact Precision Painting, serving the entire Conejo Valley areas, including Thousand Oaks and Ventura.

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