The most popular interior paint colors for 2019:

First off make sure to use quality paint because lower quality paints can dull over time.  We recommend Benjamin Moore, MAB and Sherwin-Williams, or other name brand quality paint.

Dark Greens

Dark greens are a favorite for it’s nature inspired colors.   It evokes feelings of abundance and a plentiful environment while providing a restful and secure feeling.

Bold, Saturated Colors

Saturated colors are strong, powerful, and sophisticated.  These colors are increasingly popular because they signify a sense of elegant confidence.

Example: Shadow 2117-30.

Earthly Gray-Beige

Mushroom colors are all the rage right now with it’s earthy tones.  It gives a sense of stability and a solid foundation which is a very warm and reassuring color to be surrounded by.

Example: Wild Mushroom CC-336

Misty Blues

Misty blues is a popular color because of it’s ability to induce calm and convey peace, tranquillity, and serenity.

Soft Sage

Sage is also a color that is found in nature and provides a restful and secure feeling. That is why it is one of the most popular interior paints this year.

Muted Pastels

Muted pastels are popular because the color provides a tenderness and nurturing sense of safety and love.

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