Earlier this year, we made our predictions on the most popular interior paint colors for 2019. We banked on a wide variety, including dark, foresty greens and earthy hues. We hit the nail on the head with several of 2019’s trends, but there were a few surprises.  Here is a list of our favorite 2019 interior paint colors.

 Earthly Grays and Beiges

Earthy tones took a spike in popularity due largely to Joanna Gaines. A Fixer Upper favorite, muted Mushroom colors were all the rage in 2019.  Earthy grays and beiges give a softer, warm feeling that provides a calming experience main living areas.

Example: Wild Mushroom CC-336, Repose Gray sw7015

Pale Pastels

Muted pinks started to become an interior favorite in 2018 and prevailed throughout 2019. Due to their neutral properties, pale pastels have a high compatibility with other shades. They also provide a natural sense of safety and comfort


Ex: Ballerina Pink 2082-70, Pale Pink Satin, Benjamin Moore


Hunter Greens

We weren’t too far off with our prediction that dark greens would take flight in 2019. Hunter greens are timeless and work beautifully with natural elements and neutral tones. What we love about this is how seamlessly it transitions between furniture, walls, backsplashes and accessories.

Ex: Hunter Green, Benjamin Moore

Digital Design

We took a look at Valspar’s list of highest rated colors of the year and were not too shocked to see a new trend of digitally inspired colors. Senior Color Designer Sue Kim of Valspar stated that, “Smart technology in the home is driving the color experience differently.”

Ex: Twilight Mist, Valspar

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