Paint Before Home Renovation

Planning a home renovation? Plan for painting!

If you’re planning a new home project, know that you’re about to embark a fun journey of creating and implementing so that you can enjoy your home even more. Home renovations are common to update outdated features, jazz up a home for a sale, and to make better use of space. When planning the renovation, don’t forget the paint. The right paint job can refresh, revitalize, and renew any room in your home!

What Came First: The Renovation or the Paint?

Many people (mistakenly) believe that a painting project always comes first, before other home improvement jobs. Often, you’ll want to paint before diving into other projects because that’s the bit you understand the best. If you’re getting new carpeting, it may seem like the most sensible option. Even so, the ‘paint-first’ rule is not always the case.

Professional painters are well versed in protecting your brand new improvements. Pros can take steps to protect your carpet and household items. Therefore, you’re not obligated to do the painting before making any big changes.

After Cases

Refinishing floors is a messy project and can raise dust, which may stick to new paint. In addition, baseboard and wall paint can be damaged during the refinishing process. If you’re thinking about redoing the flooring, it may be best to hire painters afterward.

Furthermore, if you’re remodeling a kitchen or bathroom, it may involve ripping out or installing new appliances or furnishings. This process can easily damage paintwork, and often does! Do the work first so that any paint chipping or damage can be painted over with the new paint job.

When you’re ready to paint your home, talk to the professional house painters in Newbury Park at Precision Painting. With the team’s knowledge, experience, and passion for painting, your home will transform. Visit us today in Thousand Oaks, California to get started!

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