Paint My Kitchen Cabinets

Discover the best colors to paint your kitchen cabinets.

Now that spring is here, many homeowners realize they’re unhappy with their kitchen color scheme. If you’re bored with your current kitchen and wondering how to spruce it up, don’t think that you need to overhaul it completely. A focal point in the kitchen is the cabinets. If they’re painted a color you don’t love, chances are you’re going to get tired of them in no time. Simply adding a fresh coat of paint to your kitchen cabinets can help to transform your entire space!

Fortunately, many color combos work great in kitchens. For inspiration, read on!

Sunny Days

Imbue your kitchen with instant warmth by coating your cabinets in a buttery yellow paint. It’s a hue that blends effortlessly with stained wood countertops. White sinks and appliances freshen up the look, too.

Black Style

Black is the one color that never goes out of fashion! It’s also the one solid choice that always lends sophistication to a room. Touches of sand-color countertops and glass cabinet inserts work particularly well with pulling off an onyx black.

Add Blue

Sky blue or pastel green/blue are great colors when it comes to brightening up a kitchen. These shades can create an airy, ethereal vibe that looks flawless with white and stainless steel accents. Mint green works well with these kitchen cabinets, too.

Rich Solids

Darker colors such as emerald green, cranberry red, and navy blue can make a statement on kitchen cabinets. Bear in mind that these colors work best in larger spaces since they can darken small rooms. If you plan to use these rich, deep colors in a small kitchen, then balance them out with white walls and light accents.

Go Neutral

If you’re not looking for too much color in the kitchen, selecting neutral colors is the way to go. Gray, dark gray, and beige help to ground your space and give you the freedom to incorporate more playful colors via accessories and appliances.

When you’re ready to paint your kitchen cabinets, talk to the pros. You can expect the best from the reputable house painters serving Newbury Park and surrounding cities in California – Precision Painting. Visit us today to discuss your next home painting project!

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