Planning on lighting up your home for the holidays but want to preserve its new paint job? If you’ve just had your home painted by your favorite Precision Painting contractor, hanging festive decor might be a challenge. Whether your home has a new paint job or you simply don’t want to drill holes in your exterior,  we’ve got some great tips on how to  hang holiday lights without causing property damage.

Brick Tricks

If you’ve got a brick wall or surface that is in need of  festive greenery, there are a number of specialized hooks and clips that require no drilling.  The Brick Clip is a small gadget that clips onto individual bricks and can hang up to 25 pounds. There are also brick hangers which also adhere to individual bricks but can hold a hefty 50 lbs.

Stick ’em up:

 Adhesive-backed hooks are a great choice for hanging almost anything without creating holes in a newly painted surface. While these little guys don’t have enough strength to hold heavier objects, holiday lights are perfect! Water and UV resistant, these handy tools can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Captain Hook

If you’ve got crown molding, put it to work!  Most architectural home features, like in-the-wall bookshelves, wainscoting, and  molding can provide great support to hang holiday lights. Your closest hardware store can probably point you in the direction of molding hooks which come in various sizes

Tape it

There are several wall-safe transparent tape brands on the market that can be used to safely pin your strands to a freshly painted wall. With this method, more complex lighting designs require more tape. You might only need one  piece of tape every five or six lights, or you might need pieces between each light or every two lights.

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