Your House Painters in Calabasas, CA answer your paint problems!

Your House Painters in Calabasas, CA answer your paint problems!

Despite the plethora of different combinations and blends, problems continue to arise with paint. Inside and outside of your home, you may have experienced blistering paint from excessive heat, cracking from wear and tear, and fading from the sun. Of course, there is no magic one-size-fits-all paint, but there are ways to fix your paint problems, as solved by your house painters in Calabasas!

Read on for common problems and how to resolve them.

The splitting of the paint film is due to over-thinning of the paint or painting in cool conditions where it dries too fast. If the cracking doesn’t go all the way down to the surface, then remove loose paint with a wire brush, sand the area, and repaint with high-quality paint. If the paint does go all the way down to the surface, remove all of the paint, prime the wood, and repaint! If you paint over the cracks, not only will the texture be completely off, but the colors will vary due to the different depths.

This is a common problem in California! It’s due to using a low-quality paint that then gets exposed to ultraviolet deteriorations (a.k.a. the sun!) which fades the paint, resulting in an uneven color and a dry finish. Fading is a result of chalking, so it’s necessary to remove as much chalk as possible before painting. To help prevent fading further, always use a primer and a high-quality exterior paint.

This occurs when the wet wood expands and contracts from moisture and temperature change, causing the paint film to loosen, crack, and roll at exposed edges and fall off. This is not ideal and certainly causes an eye-sore for all! To solve this, inspect the outside of the building to identify and eliminate the sources of moisture, concentrating around the windows, trim areas, and other joints. Once you’ve gotten to the source, remove all loose paint with a scraper or wire brush, down to the bare wood if necessary. To complete, sand down the edges for a smooth appliance!

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