Painting Contractor in Hidden Hills, CA

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Top rated interior and exterior painting contractors in Hidden Hills, CA

Transform your home from the inside out with the finest painting services. Precision Painting’s top-notch painting contractors offer professional interior and exterior painting and cabinet finishes to give your Hidden Hills home charm and elegance.

Whether you need to freshen up that perfect shade of burnt orange for your Mediterranean-inspired villa or your stables need a fresh coat of red paint, the experts at Precision Painting, take care of your exterior painting from start to finish.

Local Painters in Hidden Hills can be trusted not just because of their craftsmanship, but because of their experience. Precision Painters are efficient painting contractors who have much experience with Hidden Hills house painting, HOA painting, and commercial painting as well.

Exterior Painting.

Painting your home helps to create the perfect aesthetic, all while helping to protect your home from the elements. Weather the hot summers and chilly winters with a fresh coat of paint. The exterior painters at Precision Painting take particular care to:

  • Sand and wash the exterior of you home before we get started on painting. That way the paint is even and clean, giving your home the precise, clean lines.
  • Protect roofs, windows, driveways, patios, shrubberies, and any other areas that aren’t to be painted.
  • Paint all the nooks and crannies, from the trim to under roofing tiles.

The Precision Painting contractors in Hidden Hills provide the same care and dedication when it comes to your home’s interior too! Whether you need to update the cabinetry in your farmhouse kitchen or you want to add a little color to your contemporary living room, Precision Painting offers interior painting and cabinet finishes for your home.

Interior Painting. 

When it comes to interior design, a little paint can go a long way. Adding a little color can help to make a room pop, while a neutral tone helps to make a room look bigger. Give your home the color scheme it need with a little interior painting. The expert painters at Precision Painting take care of all the hard work. They help to:

  • Carefully move and cover furniture to prevent any painting mishaps.
  • Cover any areas that are not to be painted to keep the clean and pristine.
  • Repair any minor blemishes in your dry wall and give your walls at least two coats of paint!

Cabinet Finishes.

Staining your cabinets is a quick, easy way to transform your kitchen and bathrooms. Precision Painting makes it easy to get the job done from start to finish. Our expert cabinet painting contractors:

  • Disassemble all the pieces that need to be stained and take them to our shop in nearby Newbury Park.
  • Cover all the remaining surfaces to protect them from any stain or paint.
  • Return the newly stained pieces to your home to be beautifully reassembled.