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Before you hire a contractor for your next painting project, know what questions to ask.

It’s important to ask the following questions when selecting a painting contractor to work on your home! Whether you’re prepping it for summer, vamping it up for selling, or replacing the peeling paint, hiring professional painters is always a smart move. They will leave your home looking and feeling polished!

Securing a good professional is not always easy. Be sure to bring up the questions below to ensure you hire a reputable company!

  1. How long has the painting company been in business?
    It’s always better to go with a contractor that has been in business for a few years. This will ensure they’re not a fly-by-night contractor who will leave town before the job is even finished.
  2. Do they use subcontractors?
    Subcontractors can often be trainees who are unskilled and unprofessional painters working on your home. If you receive a rather low paying estimate from a company, most times they have inexperienced workers on the job.
  3. Do they offer a warranty and are they insured?
    Any respectable painting contractor will provide a warranty on their work. Items covered should include labor and materials. Additionally, your painted should be fully insured when they work on your home.
  4. Do they have a picture portfolio?
    Pictures help determine the quality of a painting contractor’s work. Look for clean-cut lines in corners where there are different colors meeting and even finishes on walls.
  5. Can the painting business provide references?
    Before working with any painting contractor, it’s a good idea to check their past references and contact them to discuss the work that was done – or visit it firsthand!
  6. Do they keep a clean work place?
    Experienced painting contractors understand it is important to keep your home neat and clean. At the end of each day, the painters should take the time to clean up the areas in which they worked.
  7. Are they involved in the community?
    It’s an added bonus to learn that any business gives back to their local community. This shows that the company provides the best quality in the work, are eager to get involved with their local area, and care about the people they work for!

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