Spray Painting Pros and Cons Calabasas Painter

Settled for spray painting? It’s no problem for your Calabasas painter.

For all of you DIY home renovators sick of using paint rollers and brushes, spray paint could be a good option for you. Instead of using labor-intensive techniques that can put pressure on your back, you can resort to using a paint sprayer. Ultimately, this gives a nice, even coat of paint (provided you do it right!). Before you rush into the process, check out the pros and cons of spray painting.

Positive Aspects of Spray Painting

Paint brushes are great for small areas which require intensive coats of paint. But, if you want to cover a large surface area with paint (and minimal effort), a spray paint is best for the job. Spray painting also has added benefits that can override some surface imperfections like gaps, cracks, and bumps that paint brushes and rollers can have issues with.

Spray paint is best known for its speed. As the operator has greater control over the process, he or she can get the job over with quickly and easily. Due to this, it lowers the cost of labor and materials.

Downfalls of Spray Painting

Unlike brushes, spray painting cannot be used for every painting project. While it’s perfect for smooth surfaces and external painting jobs, it’s not ideal for areas that have a lot of items that don’t want to be painted. Before spray painting, everything that isn’t going to be painted needs to be covered in tape or material. The painter also needs to ensure that all furniture, windows, and floors are properly protected before beginning. For smaller painting jobs, spray painting can actually increase the prep and clean up time afterward.

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