House Painters in Newbury Park Decorate Attic

Use these tips from house painters in Newbury Park to decorate your home attic. For many second story homes, having an attic space is a benefit. Converting your attic into a usable room provides a valuable living space that has tremendous potential. Your attic could be a bedroom, playroom, home office, gym, or meditation space….

Choose and Protect Bathroom Paint

Skip the blues – learn how to choose and maintain bathroom paint. When you think of a bathroom, you think of water. This leads to plenty of blue-based bathrooms. Whether it’s a nautical, beach, or spa-themed bathroom, people tend to pick a basic blue to paint their space. Instead of opting for this, it’s time…

Household Items

These household items may not be on the top of your painting list, but they should. We all know that a fresh coat of paint can give new life to a room. Well, a paint brush and a new hue can renew the vigor to a whole lot more than your bare walls. Painting isn’t…

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