The City of Los Angeles, with its unusual variety and captivating architecture, is a visual feast. Made up of a facade of right angles, modernist homes and eccentric business structures, Los Angeles is home to several uniquely aesthetic neighborhoods. Here is our roundup of Los Angeles County’s most inspiring, colorful and beautifully painted residential cities….

Choosing a neutral exterior paint color for your house is sort of like ordering grilled cheese at a restaurant. It’s safe, dependable and usually pretty good. But, it’s a new year and now is the time to change your grilled cheese paint job up a bit. 2019 is sure to be the year of reinvention…

Add exterior painting to your summer to-do list - Precision Painting

Add exterior painting to your summer to-do list! Many homeowners wonder when the best time of year is to schedule exterior painting projects. While exterior painting can be done at nearly any time during the year (under the right conditions), the warmer months are usually the best time to take care of outdoor projects –…

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