What to Expect When You Hire Precision Painting

The Difference is in The Details

Service Guarantee

Our team guarantees a higher level of service. Each customer will get the chance to meet multiple managers as we each play a key role in our process. We have found from years of experience, that having multiple managers responsible for different aspects of a single job allows us checks and balances and in turn  creates better service, communication and overall product.

Here is a list of the managers to give you an idea of who will be overseeing your project:

Estimator: Overall responsibility of the specific job and pricing for that job
Operations manager: Communicates with you about colors and schedule prior to the job
Project manager: Daily communication during the job to answer questions and make sure the job runs perfectly on a micro level
Crew leader: Lead painter responsible for the quality of the work and the crew

Some may ask why do you need so many people involved just to paint my house? I always say ask one of our customers that hired a painting company and ended up being the project manager of their own job. Distribution of responsibilitiesallows the job to run smoothly while requiring minimal to no effort from you, the homeowner.


Scheduling and Process

Scheduling is one of the homeowner’s biggest complaints about contractors. Our method for scheduling customers is
simple and efficient. Here is a quick glimpse into how it works.

1. You approve the estimate and designate your options to your estimator.
2. Estimator will take our schedule and yours into consideration and designate a start week.
3. Our Color Consultant will contact you and make an appointment to pick colors. (if applicable)
4. Our Operations Manager will send you a welcome email where you can communicate any delays on your end.
5. Operations Manager will confirm your approximate start date the week before.
6. Operations Manager will confirm the night before the start date.

Quality Matters

Your average exterior paint job should last between 10 and 15 years. There are many factors such as Mother Nature that affect the lifespan of paint. The number one factor in the lifespan of a paint job is prep work. When we discuss prep, it is more than just wash, more than just sanding. It is how much you sand and how well you wash. Not all paint jobs are created equal. We design our paint jobs to outshine and outlast any of the other contractors in our field. There are some who do live up to the same standards we hold our work to, but there are many that fall far short. Take a look at our process pages to see exactly what sets us apart.