If you own a commercial business, your building is a giant billboard for your company. When using the correct colors to match your brand, commercial exterior paint can create a memorable impression on your customers. Whether its Target’s red-bullseye or McDonald’s yellow arches, prominent brand exteriors stand out and add to their success. And even small and growing businesses can use their buildings to improve their image and brand. Here are our tips for choosing the right colors and design for your commercial exterior paint.

Colors Increase Business

Colors affect individuals by influencing emotions as well as decisions. Along with conveying your brand through your building’s appearance, you also have the ability to affect your customers’ eagerness to buy and consume. The following colors have been known to affect businesses in a multitude of ways:

Green exudes calmness, acceptance and confidence

  • Red can generate excitement and reel customers into hasty decisions
  • Yellow boasts youthfulness. It allows consumer interests and optimism to grow
  • Orange is often associated with lower prices and good value.
  • Blue can instill trust and the idea of professionalism in viewers


Aligning Print and Online Presence

Aligning your business location’s look with its print branding and website creates consistency and formulates trust with your audience. While colors that match and work well together are desirable, still utilizing the power of color to represent your brand’s ethics is essential. Sometimes a neutral color works best for open spaces, but brighter colors can be used to draw attention.

The size, layout, and location of your building also determine the exterior colors you choose. You want to advertise your brand, but choose a color that is not already being used on the building next door.  Many different issues come into play when deciding on the right exterior commercial color. Precision Painting can help you make the right choice.

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