Perfect Paint Job

Having the perfect paint job has never been easier with these tips.

You may not be quite the painter that you thought you’d be. Whether you get bored, make a mess, or generally don’t have the time to paint, know that you’re not alone. DIY home makeovers and painting jobs have been a trend over the years, and fortunately, the pros have stepped in to give some much-needed tips for the beginner painter. For whatever you’re painting, check out how to achieve the perfect paint job.

Use a lint roller to smooth your paint roller before you start.

Running a lint roller over your paint roller before dipping it in the paint or primer removes all of the fluff, fuzzies, and dust, giving you a smoother finish.

Wrap your paint tray in a plastic bag.

If you hate the mess that comes along with painting – this is a trick for you! The plastic bag protects your paint tray while allowing you to fully cover your paint roller. No hassle, no mess!

Roll the full height of the wall.

Avoid lap marks and uneven layers of paint build up by rolling up the full height of the wall. Maintain a wet edge so that each stroke of your roller overlaps the previous stroke before the paint dries. This way, your paint distribution is even!

Let the paint dry before cutting the tape loose.

Have you taped the edges of your skirting boards? If you have, let your paint dry completely before removing the tape. This will give you a sharper edge as well as prevent running paint from spoiling your paint job.

Use Vaseline over screws that you don’t want to be painted.

Lay it on thick and proceed as normal, carefully working your way around the Vaseline-covered screws. After the paint has dried, go over the area with a paper towel to remove the Vaseline. If you did paint over the Vaseline, it will wipe right off!

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